Bringing a product to market:  Phase Three

Going through my checklist, I still needed insurance and a website.   Because my personal chef company, Simple Earth Cuisine, LLC was already established with legal representation, I could use my LLC as the umbrella that Wild Sea Salt fell under.  This would mean that Wild Sea Salt would be a division of Simple Earth Cuisine, so I did not need to have another limited liability formed, my LLC covered both, at least in the start-up phase.  I did open a new insurance policy which would cover the company during outside events such as farmers’ markets.  

I decided to save costs and do my website myself.  I already have sandvox, a website buiding tool, in place from building Simple Earth Cuisine’s website, so I just needed content, photos and poof, the website came together in a flash.

At this point, I am starting to feel a bit more relaxed.  I packaged up 300 jars of product, popped the labels on, launched my website and picked up 1000 business cards.  I found a 10 x 10 canopy tent at my local Goodwill (love that store) and had some banners made to make everything look professional.  This all may sound easy, but believe me, it was a full time job - - on top of my already full time job.  I guess when inspriation hits you, you respond.  

As I write this blog, I find that the words just come.  I find that most of the tasks necessary to bring this product to market have just come.  Maybe it’s because it is within a field that I am comfortable with, maybe because it incorporates all that I have been passionate about over the course of my life, it’s hard to say how I came up with an idea in August and in mid October, I am selling a hard form of what was only a concept 2 months prior.   I think all of this just fell into place because the timing is right.  Deep down inside every one of us, we know when we are doing something right, when we are improving our lives and the lives around us.  That knowing is an open door to a vast expanse of opportunity.  Let’s see how far we can go.

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