A wild adventure awaits you


Wild Sea Salts R-L:  Dandelion, Cedar Berry, Stinging Nettles and Sumac

What if your natural sea salt could be even more nutritionally dense?  What if, with every sprinkle, you would have less sodium, but more vitamins and minerals?  What if the salt you use is local to this country?  

Whether you have begun your mission to either lower salt intake, retain your health with nutritiously dense foods, or are just looking for a really cool seasoning for your culinary creations, you will find everything you want and more with Wild Sea Salt.  It is truly a salt made for health.

While you stopped by, take some time to get to know Chef Lisa and the reason Wild Sea Salt was created.  Also take a look at the flavors and the recipe page.   If you have the time, please visit the blog page. 

Wild harvested Alaria, a sea vegetable with high levels of bio-available Iodine and magnesium in every jar!

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